BBOC Online Summer Program

Sign Your 12-16 year old up today for our summer program!

Our Goals

Build Back Our Community is a non profit dedicated to ensuring the growth and development of not just the community but of the people living within. We are dedicated to help carve out a pathway of success, so that we can create new opportunities going forward.

Summer Program

 The Mission of the BBOC Program for young adults (ages 12-16) is to create a safe space to understanding , and developing black Identities and how that shapes and evolves when it comes to history, mental health, Creativity, environment, Individuality and society. 

By Signing up for the program you are taking the steps to ensure the development and understanding of what it means to be a person of color in America.

Plant for Peace

Our goal for plant for peace is to teach families and individuals how to garden so they can grow and produce their own fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you'd like to help us make this possible click below to learn more!

Clean Up 

Clean up the community is focused on building connection and helping each other out to create a unity within our community. This is achieved by creating events a couple days out of the month were you volunteer your time to helping others out! whether its feeding the homeless, cleaning up trash, or helping someone in the yard. Click "tell me more" to get help or be the helper! 

Care Package

The goal for the Care package program is for  members to recieve products and goods at a discounted rate. 

We make it easy to gain membership at a low rate and open our doors every sunday for a hot meal and products. If youd like to help click "Tell me More"!


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