About Us

We are dedicated in the development and growth within our community. We are building up our community and creating a pathway of success, one block at a time.

Back Story

BBOC was created and developed by KaJena. KaJena began the creation of BBOC due to the lack of education centered around minorities in school systems. 

Creating MP Summer Program was based of off a high school club known as Missing Pages Of Our Education which she created to help encourage others to educate themselves on their history. 

Plant for Peace and care package programs came into development after seeing the struggles homeless individuals have and low income families. The goal of BBOC is to educate, Uplift, and Empower the community to create better pathways and opportunities for self growth and understanding. 

KaJena Is a psychology major and studies African american history. She hopes to incorporate mental health and history in all her programs.


MP Summer Program : Created to help the youth develop a sense of self identity and knowledge of their background and current issues. Mental health and creative expression is implemented in the program to expand self understanding.

Plant for Peace: Is centered around creating healthy opportunity to not just survive but to thrive. The goal is to create community gardens, classes on food and nutrition, and improve individuals and families food quality. 

Care Package program: Was developed to create opportunity for struggling families or individuals be able to receive the supplies they need to thrive. The goal is to develop a program that brings you affordable food and everyday items and to provide hot meals  and supplies for free for those in need.

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